About us

  Mingguang Feizhou New Materials Co.,Ltd.is headquartered at No.22,Xingye Road,Economic Development Zone,Mingguang City,Anhui Province,covering an area of3,4433.3 square meters.

  The company upholds the concept of scientific and technological innovation,high-quality environmental protection,and mutual benefit,and is committed to integrity,cooperation,and international development.With the advantages of domestic scientific research institutes,the company has continuously enriched and optimized scientific research strength and provided the company with reliable technical support and sustainable development capabilities;the company strictly follows the requirements of ISO9001:2008 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system.Efforts are made to improve the quality of products and ensure the excellence of the products;strengthen scientific management,create a corporate culture,optimize the allocation of resources,and effectively improve the management capabilities.The company's sales network is distributed throughout the country and in some overseas markets.It specializes in hi-tech products such as high-profile absorbents and construction new materials.It is widely used in various industries such as petrochemicals,coatings,automobiles,air separation,refrigeration,and architectural glass.

  In the new period,new market environment.Welcome domestic and foreign customers friends letter calls,the company will continue to forge ahead,truth-seeking innovation,continue to be high-quality products,excellent after-sales service to return the majority of consumers.

  In late October,our company successfully passed the on-site supervision and review of the ISO9001 quality management system for two days.

  In the meeting room on the second floor,the company’s leaders and related personnel warmly received the experts of the Beijing Dongfang Wangjiao Certification Center Certification Audit Group and held the first meeting of quality re-certification.At the meeting,the experts of the audit team introduced the methods and procedures of on-site supervision and auditing,and made a confidential commitment to the re-certification work.The re-certification work is mainly to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the company's maintenance and continuous improvement,verify whether the quality management system meets the requirements of the ISO9001 standard and whether it is operating effectively.The audit coverage products are construction adsorbents,molecular sieve products and services.